How to Deal with Laptop Over Heating

8 Jul 2012 30 comments

A laptop is an extensive investment that requires a great care from your side so that it keeps on running for years. Many laptops (almost 90%) face the problem of overheating. This overheating can cause the laptop to show abnormal behaviour thereby causing the internal machinery to fail. Today we will be discussing the techniques and methods that are available today so that your laptop runs smoothly for many years to come.

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1. Compressed Air: While working with laptop in dusty condition then there are chances that the dust gets deposited on the circulating and cooling vents thereby choking them altogether. This can cause the fan to get over worked as the head will not be dissipated as efficiently. Thus the fan will work at dangerously high temperatures. So in order to avoid this situation buy a can of compressed air from a nearby computer store and it will cost you only some dollars. Take this can and spray it on the vents of your laptop. This will remove all the dust and keep your laptop cool.

2. Power Settings: When we work on the laptop that is on the charging then we set the mode as “High Performance”. This setting will consume the most power and will cause your laptop to overheat. A simple remedy to this problem is to set the laptop in the balanced or power saver mode. This will ensure that your laptop consumes only that amount of power that is required by it. Thus a large amount of heat is saved from generating by avoiding the large speeds of the processor. When the laptop is used for playing games then you should set the mode of your laptop to “High Performance”.

3. Surface: While we are working the laptop then it can be quite comfortable when we place it on the pillow or blanket. But the fact is these surfaces choke the vents of your laptop thereby causing it to overheat. The soft nature of the surface will not allow the heat to escape and thus will be reflected back into the internal machinery. The best surface on which you should keep your laptop is the flat one such as a table. If you want to keep it on some soft surface then you should keep it on some hard cover book or similar surface. This will allow proper flow of air and heat to escape out of the system properly.

4. Powering Off Your Laptop: When you see that you might not be working on your laptop then you must switch it off rather than keeping it on the standby. We would not suggest you “hibernate” option as it will take a toll on your RAM. Powering off your laptop will keep it cool and doesn’t eat away the battery. It is as simple as that.

5. Cooling Pad: You can invest some money on your laptop then you can consider using a cooling pad for your laptop. For about $25 you can get a cooling pad for your laptop and believe me it is every worth of the penny you spend on it.

How to Deal with Laptop Over Heating

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