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SQL (Structured Query Language) is used to modify and access data or information from a storage area called database.

SQL Intro: What is SQL?

What is SQL? SQL stands for “Structured Query Language” and can be pronounced as “SQL” or “sequel – (Structured English Query Language)”. Defined, SQL is a query language used for accessing and modifying information in one or more data tables and rows of a database.

SQL Database Design

IBM first developed SQL in 1970s. Also it is an ANSI/ISO standard. It has become a Standard Universal Language used by most of the relational database management systems (RDBMS). Some of the RDBMS systems are: Oracle, Microsoft SQL server, Sybase etc.

Most of these have provided their own implementation extensions, thus enhancing their RDBMS system features and making it a powerful tool. These RDBMS systems, all use the popular SQL commands SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, WHERE in similar format.

SQL Database Table

SQL database is constructed of a number of tables. In a business, SQL tables would be used to divide and simplify the different areas of the operation: Table for Customers, one for Vendors, Employees and so on.

SQL Database Table Columns

Each SQL table is made up of a number of columns, referred to as fields and run along the top of the table. Sql columns or fields have their content (object/data/info) defined into character types; such as text, date, numeric, integer, length to name a few.

SQL Database Table Rows

Each SQL table row, referred to a record, is located in the left column of the table. Sql record row will contain a string of data containing data matching up to each column field across the top. So, in a "Customer table" each "customer record" would consist of one row with data for the customer ID number, customer name, address, phone and so on.

SQL Commands: Few SQL Coding Statements?

Few of the Sql commands used in Sql code programming are: SELECT Statement, UPDATE Statement, INSERT INTO Statement, DELETE Statement, WHERE Clause, ORDER BY Clause, SQL GROUP BY Clause, Subquery Clauses, Joins, Views, GROUP Functions, Indexes etc.

My SQL DataBase

In a simple manner, SQL is a non-procedural, English-like language that processes data in groups of records rather than one record at a time. Few SQL functions of are:

  • store data
  • modify data
  • retrieve data
  • modify data
  • delete data
  • create tables and other database objects
  • delete data
  • Beginner SQL Reference
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