Software QA Terminology: Bug Bash

1 Oct 2015 5 comments

In this article of Software QA Terminology series, we will explore Bug Bash. It is a test activity that is carried out by a number of people simultaneously. It helps in bringing in a fresh perspective to the testing. Let’s dig into it in detail.


As WikiPedia puts it: A Bug Bash is a procedure where all the developers, testers, program managers, usability researchers, designers, documentation folks, and even sometimes marketing people, put aside their regular day-to-day duties and “pound on the product”—that is, each exercises the product in every way they can think of. Idea is to get as many bugs into the bug database as possible.

It helps in bringing in a fresh perspective to the testing. It can be helpful in uncovering defects which are unconventional as system gets exposed to variety of users.


Below are some benefits of organizing Bug Bash in your project.

  • Many usability feedback can be found after this activity.
  • Defect which are never encountered during test cycles may be uncovered.
  • It can be helpful to build company morale & encourage people about quality.


All the above points aside, Bug Bash also has some limitations. These includes

  • It would not cover all aspects that you might want to test in your application.
  • Huge documentation(Eg. bug reports) may be produced which makes managing these reports cumbersome.
  • Bug reports may be duplicate and incomprehensible as non-testers may not delve deeper into writing good bug reports.

Best Practices:

Follow below best practices to get the maximum out of Bug Bash sessions.

  • Declare about session of Bug Bash well in advance, about week or two weeks before.
  • Freeze the build on which test activities are to be performed.
  • Have a small briefing session with the team about an overview of the system. After that, let them use the system on their own.
  • Provide the team with some examples of good bug report.
  • Keep incentives to involve participants.

Bug Bash activity can prove fruitful if planned and executed properly. However, it should be used with caution. Have you been involved in Bug Bash before? Let us know if it was useful in your project.
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