Determining Folder Structure in gulp

9 Apr 2017 0 comments

Gulp is flexible enough to work with any folder structure. You'll just have to understand the inner workings before tweaking it for your project.

For this article, we will use the structure of a generic webapp:

  |- app/

      |- css/

      |- fonts/

      |- images/

      |- index.html

      |- js/

      |- scss/

  |- dist/

  |- gulpfile.js

  |- node_modules/

  |- package.json

In this structure, we'll use the app folder for development purposes, while the dist (as in "distribution") folder is used to contain optimized files for the production site.

Since app is used for development purposes, all our code will be placed in app.

We'll have to keep this folder structure in mind when we work on our Gulp configurations. Now, let's begin by creating your first Gulp task in gulpfile.js, which stores all Gulp configurations.
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